Vocalist Jonathan K. and original guiarist Floyd Rose (inventor of the famous locking guitar tremolo system) had a vision to build the biggest and baddest hard rock / metal band to come out of the Pacific Northwest.  

The two recruited former TKO members Evan Sheeley (bass), Gary Thompson (drums) and Rick Pierce (guitar) to form "Q5", which would release one of the most influential cult-classic hard rock / heavy metal albums of the era: "STEEL THE LIGHT" (1984, Music For Nations)  

"STEEL THE LIGHT" received widespread critical acclaim, and allowed the band the opportunity to perform alongside veteran acts such as Y&T, Twisted Sister and Lita Ford.  

The buzz created by this album would plant the band firmly on the heavy metal map, and eventually lead to the band signing with Polygram/Squawk Records for its sophomore effort "When The Mirror Cracks" (1985), a decidedly different, but equally acclaimed work.  

Musical and industry changes caused the band to split up in 1989.  

Discouraged but never defeated, Jonathan K. and Rick Pierce went on to form "NIGHTSHADE", releasing three albums worldwide (the first of which, "DEAD OF NIGHT" (1991 Music For Nations), included current Q5 drummer Jeffrey McCormack.)  

With the NIGHTSHADE releases and the growing cult status of the prior Q5 albums, it was only a matter of time before demand for the band that started it all would make its presence known.  

In 2014, promoters with the popular Swedish rock festival "SWEDEN ROCK" requested a Q5 reunion, and the band accepted. Original members Jonathan K., Evan Sheeley and Rick Pierce recruited METAL CHURCH guitarist Rick Van Zandt and former NIGHTSHADE drummer Frankie Rongo to replace the absent Floyd Rose and Gary Thompson.  

The response was overwhelming, and the fans demanded a full reunion.  

After returning to the US, Q5 was reborn. Rick Van Zandt returned to his duties with METAL CHURCH, and Frankie Rongo returned to his career is physical training, which lead the band to recruit former FAR CRY guitarist Dennis Turner, and former NIGHTSHADE / HEIR APPARENT / FIFTH ANGEL drummer Jeffrey McCormack to complete the relaunch lineup.  

After a series of successful performances throughout Europe and the US, the band was signed to FRONTIERS MUSIC, SRL for its third release, the extraordinary "NEW WORLD ORDER", released worldwide in July of 2016.  

The success of this album, along with performances around the globe, and an overwhelming "WELCOME BACK" sentiment from their fans brings the band running full throttle into 2019!  

With a new year and a new energy, the band again has a new face in veteran Vancouver, WA   guitarist Nick Layton , (replacing Rick Pierce), and a fresh outlook on their new music as they begin writing their fourth effort, and prepare to prove yet again what Jonathan K and Floyd Rose envisioned all those years ago....  

Q5   IS   READY   FOR   THE   WORLD!!!!  

New CD due in 2019, Tour dates to follow!  

Q5 is:  

JONATHAN K. : Vocals  

EVAN SHEELEY : Bass / Vocals  

DENNIS TURNER : Guitar / Vocals  


JEFFREY McCORMACK ; Drums / Vocals

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